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The Lore Book of the High Elven Tongue intends to be a quick introductory guide to the Quenya language as deviced by J.R.R. Tolkien in his writings. Quenya, in the mythology, was the langauge spoken by the Noldor, the High Elves that crossed the Great Sea in pursuit of Melkor, and also in pursuit of a vast new world.
Although it wasn't even close to be empty. In the eastern shores of the Belegaer awated the long forgotten Sindar, whom had developed their own language and writing symbols, along with new creatures, such as dwarves, and the wild lands of Beleriand.
The questing souls of these elves led them to undergo their biggest deeds and worst mistakes. They built the finest cities that Middle-Earth would ever sea, and stood up to the worst of evils. The fires Fëanor nurtured would never completely die. And so is their fate.
Their language, just as they were, is one of beauty and strength. And everywhere the Noldor went, it was known as the language of wisdom and ancient lore.