Rhyme of Lore

Tall ships and tall kings
Three times three,
What brought they from the foundered land
Over the flowing sea?
Seven stars and seven stones
And one white tree.

Lairë Noldova

Hallë ciryar ar hallë arani
neldë lúr neldë,
man tuncet Atalantello
or i úlëa eär?
Otso eleni ar otso ondor
ar minë ninquë alda.


  1. Lairë Noldova: this sentence literally translates "Poem of Lore", since no word for Rhyme was found.
  2. tuncet: derives from the verb root tuc- "bring", the past tense transforms it to tunce "brought", with the object suffix "they" -t. This word was obtained from the Proto Eldarin roots, since no wordlist mentions the verb "bring", and it seems perfectly regular. It has a homophone, tuc- "draw (=pull)".
  3. Atalantello: from the word Atalantë "the fallen (Númenórë)", with the ablative case ending -llo "from".

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