Tuor in Vinyamar Halls

Thus he came at length to the deserted halls of Vinyamar beneath Mount Taras, and he entered in, and found there the shield and hauberk, and the sword and helm, that Turgon had left there by the command of Ulmo long before; and he arrayed himself in those arms, and went down to shore.

Tuor Vinyamaressë Mardi

Sin tullero andassë cumnë mardinnar Vinyamarwa undu Oron Taras, ar mi lendero, ar hirnë i turma ar hroavaryat, ar i macil ar turmacár, i Turcáno hehtanë herennen Ulmo andavë vanwiessë; ar collerot, ar lendë nún falasenna.


  1. horavaryat: The word is lit. hroa "body" plus varya- "protect" with a nominal ending -at.
  2. turmacár: The word is lit. turma "shield" plus cár "head".

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